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Credit Card Processing Dallas & Altiras Advisors, One and the Same. We LOVE OUR MERCHANTS!

Credit Card Processing Dallas  - Altiras Advisors
Credit Card Processing Dallas - Altiras Advisors

Altiras Advisors: We Love our Merchants!

Today, businesses are more complex and multidimensional due to the increased connectivity in the global market. Constant monitoring of the market trends, active engagement with the consumers and continuous expansion of expertise are imperatives for firms to be on the competitive edge. In addition, many businesses are facing the challenge to strategically evolve their marketing and advertising methods to adapt to the rapidly evolving market. Recognising the trends and challenges, Altiras Advisors is taking the onus of helping businesses to find the right solutions and thrive in the market by leveraging the right technologies and platforms. The Texas-based company provides tailored and result oriented solutions, in addition to guidance, that help businesses engage and connect with customers to build a meaningful relationship.

Originally starting out as a payment processing business, Altiras evolved and expanded its expertise to social media engagement, online review and reputation management and transaction services and solutions. Since then, some of the brightest minds in the industry have joined the company to address the challenges of today’s complex online marketing. “Today we serve merchants nationwide with a hands-on approach and a strong technology and service offering, setting ourselves apart from the rest in the industry,” says Tony Norrie, CEO of the company.

Google and social media sites have evolved to be a key driver of sales in modern businesses. Research indicates that a single star increased rating on Google can generate revenue up to 10%. There is a growing competition among marketers to improve online and organic content for its impact on sales and revenue. To help businesses maintain a good reputation and increase visibilities, Altiras has a division called Altiras Media, which is dedicated to Reputation & Review Management and Social Media Engagement. Norrie says, “Our reputation and review management software allows our merchants to manage and drive reviews from over 250 sites.” He adds, “The software also boosts local search results on Google, Facebook and other sites, which directly increases search results and revenue.” Altiras Media handles social media set up, management, content, ads, and promotions. Altiras Media has used its tools and know how to grow a following of over 50,000 followers. Norrie opines, “We believe that social media is the most powerful tool to promote and grow any kind of business.”

As a Tier-One payment processing provider, Altiras adheres to the latest industry standard payment processing, security protocols, procedures, software and hardware. The company supplements these standards with coaching and training that is supported by a team that has more than a decade-long experience in the field. Altiras offers various payment solutions, including but not limited to, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Facebook Shop, wireless terminals, mobile or web-based, and EMV chip cards, each of which includes access to Altiras' web-based merchant account financial management tools. The Altiras Payment Gateway enables online payment processing for small to large volume payment processing, storefronts, e-commerce payment systems, and secure online transactions that can add a truly customized, one-stop solution for any merchant’s online needs.

In addition to the payment solutions, Altiras enables its clients to connect with their customers by leveraging new global transaction methods. The Altiras system automatically initiates a review, like, and follow option that prompts an immediate customer response after a transaction is completed, driving more traffic on Google and to the merchant’s social media platform that leads to more sales.

On maintaining relationship with the clients, Norrie responds with delight: “Our motto is simple—we love our merchants. This is reflected in everything we do and in all of our decisions. This isn’t just something we say but it’s at the core of how we run our business. We want to be the best credit card processing company in Dallas, - Credit Card Processing Dallas and Altiras Advisors, we want that to ubiquitous to each other.”

Concerning the future of the company, Norrie says, “We will continue to bring more than what we take from our relationships with our merchants, employees, and partners.” A bold statement in today’s business environment, but the company has proven its capabilities by providing value-driven services to its clients. Norrie adds, “We believe in the 51/49 philosophy: meaning we strive to give more than what we get.” With a true passion to help its client succeed in the competitive market, Altiras continues to provide solid business solutions without compromising the well being of its employees. Norrie and his team are optimistic that Altiras is not far away from becoming a global leader in the industry if they continue to drive business success with the same momentum and spirit.

The company’s payment solutions are uniquely and strategically designed to bring tremendous amount of value to the merchants. The engaging, connecting and online marketing solutions of the company have proven to increase visibility, bring more customers and establish a loyal relationship between the merchants and their customers. Partners of Altiras say about the company: “Altiras delivers solutions that your business needs to stay competitive and visible in today’s ever-changing Social Media landscape.”

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