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SOLAR discount rate PROGRAM

We've designed a special credit card processing account specifically to serve the solar and renewable energy that will help sales and installation companies reduce their dealer fee and processing cost.

Save when your customers Go Solar!

We've partnered with some of the largest and best solar sales, marketing, and installation companies in the country to design the payment processing program that helps them keep more of their revenue, which in turn will power them to get more homeowners to “Go Solar”! Our current solar company partners save thousands of dollars monthly on their solar installations, your solar company needs to have this same benefit today!

Our program offers the best combination of credit card rates and fees, along with the high average and monthly volume processing needed to successfully process Visa or MasterCard card customer payments.  We offer a flat “pass-thru” discount rates and fees that will assure our solar sales and installation partners they receive the ABSOLUTE BEST rates and fees to process Visa and MasterCard payments.


Whether your solar company processes a MasterCard brand issued card number, American Express, Visa debit, or Discover, Altiras Advisors has the payment processing system that will give you the lowest rate possible for to run these transactions.


In addition, we’ll also provide you with a dynamic payment processing gateway that can:

  • Real-time Purchase, Authorization, & Settlement

  • 24-Hour Issuance of Funds

  • Split-Transactions (1st Payment and 2nd Payment)

  • History & Search Download

  • Quickbooks Synchronization and Integration

  • Transaction Data Electronic

  • Invoice & Statement

  • Distribution Email

  • Payment Requests


Contact us today a to find out how we can save your solar company money on their rates and fees.

We work with the following Finance Companies, and MORE.

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