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Strategic turn-key partnership and relationship that bring payment processing into the branch operated by a partner with over 20-years of experience.

A Partner for  your Bank you can rely on.

Our Bank Partner Program offers a tremendous amount of benefits to Bank Partner Partners. One of the most significant benefits is the increased revenue and product differentiation you will receive by partnering with Altiras Advisors. Why wait to add additional income to your business? Contact us today to discuss how the Bank Partner Program works and how we can customize it for your business.

The Altiras Advantage

Altiras Advisors understands the trust required to refer your customers or business contacts to another company. We work closely with our Bank Partner partners to formulate a strategic plan that is a win for the merchant, for the partner, and for Altiras Advisors. Altiras Advisors will help build trust through comprehensive reporting and software integration as needed.

Additional Revenue

Becoming a Bank Partner partner drives additional revenue streams to your bank without adding overhead expense. Referring businesses to Altiras Advisors is easy, and our experienced sales team understands the delicate balance between driving revenue and protecting your business relationships.

Portfolio Growth

Let us grow your residual revenue while minimizing your expenses with our turnkey payments solutions that your customers or business contacts will find very valuable.


With payments as a complimentary product for your customers or business contacts, you will see higher retention and higher customer acquisition.


Our team of payments experts can guide you on the payments landscape, available payments solutions and how you can customize our payment solutions to fit your customer base or business contacts.

Customer Service

Our award-winning Customer Service team is available 24/7/365 for your customers or members to assist with any questions or issues. We'll focus on providing end-to-end merchant services service while you focus on your business, we'll do the heavy-lifting of providing dialed customer service as needed.

Bank Customer Benefits

Altiras will provide your bank customers with the most cost-effective solution in pricing, equipment, and offer one-on-one personalized enrollment and monthly customer support.

Merchant Payment Processing Options

Multiple Credit Card Payment Solutions

Bank customers have multiple payment processing, equipment, or software options that will allow their customer to pay at their retail location, online and, in the field, using their preferred payment method: cash, check credit, debit, EMV chip, card on file, digital wallet, ACH and by subscriptions/recurring payments. Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Plaid, Zapier and more apps using an open API.


  • Fair & Upfront Pass-thru Pricing: Altiras Advisors’ payment processing solutions are designed to help businesses succeed by reducing costs at the front end, and eliminating unexpected costs going forward. Our pricing model is predicated on true Interchange Plus pricing. All cost savings from bankcard interchanges and fees assessed by card brands are passed directly to business owners.

  • E-Commerce Online Payments: Altiras can help bank customers take their business online to maximize sales by making it easier for potential customers to find them and purchase their products and services. Our e-commerce solution allows for easy and secure online payments.

  • Secured Card Vaulting: Altiras Advisors keeps your customers’ credit card data beyond the reach of hackers by protecting it as soon as the card is used with EMV, end-to-end encryption and tokenization. Altiras Advisors Secure is the most secure processing solution in the industry, and it is backed up by the industry’s only comprehensive breach warranty.

  • Recurring Payments: Process recurring payments without storing any credit card information. Flexible recurring payments empower childcare centers, preschools, and before/after school programs to create a payment plan that is best for their business.

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