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software & bank partnerships.

We combine one-on-one personalized service with the best rates and fees to give your business the best payment solution combination that results in better profits.

A partnership that creates value.

Altiras Advisors has been forging mutually-beneficial partnerships with banks, credit unions, and software development companies for over twenty years. Our partnership program has provided our partners with the payment processing platform that create additional monthly recurring revenue, a value-add service to their service offering, and an integrated payment processing feature in their software.

By partnering with Altiras Advisors our partners can offer their customers and members an extensive, flexible suite of business solutions, tailored to meet their individual needs. We help them provide their customers with critical services—integrated credit card processing, direct one-on-one portfolio conversion, new customer or member sign-up marketing, automated and customized billing solutions, and much more.


We will be the dedicated partner who will convert, manage, and grow your customer portfolio. Pus, gain access to a best-in-class product suite and the keys to SDKs, APIs, code samples, sandbox testing and more, with Altiras.


Grow your bottom line by providing your new or existing business banking customers with a full suite of credit card processing service, Point-of-Sale or terminal solutions, gift cards and so much more.

Service Providers

Partnering with Altiras allows you to expand your client services while maintaining the valuable relationships you’ve built with them.


Give added value to your members with access to at-cost payment processing, one-on-one direct customer contact and setup, rich reporting tools Altiras has to offer

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