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Effortless Payments Made Simple.

Experience the Power of Dynamic Payment Processing

Pay less to process payments.

We'll introduce you to a CASH DISCOUNT payment program that can help mitigate your monthly payment processing fees, potentially reducing them to ZERO. This program works by offering a discount to customers who opt for cash payments.



Altiras is here to help our merchants and partners grow.

Discover your place within the Altiras family. We take pride in delivering top-notch financial products and services in the most professional and convenient way. Our aim is to equip our merchants and partners with the best support and resources, enabling them to continue their growth trajectory.

Payment processing designed for your business.

Altiras caters to businesses of all types with our comprehensive payment processing solutions. We ensure swift approvals, hassle-free setup, and next-day funding. Our product range includes cash discount or pass-through rates with a guarantee of no hidden fees. The rates and fees we initially set for you are precisely what you'll pay. Get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation. We'll create a merchant services program customized to your business needs.

Processing that fits your business.


EMV Chip Card Reader

With a tap, dip or swipe, accept payments by credit, EMV chip, and debit cards at your retail location.


Online ecommerce software and processing solutions that bolt directly on to your website's shopping cart.


Integrated payment processing that connects to your software provider, making payment processing a breeze.


Our expert development staff can create the customized solutions that will fit your unique processing needs.

Merchant Processing

The Payments Partner your Software Company or Institution is looking for.

Altiras goes beyond being just another payment processing partner that integrates into your software platform. Leveraging our 20+ years of industry experience, we've crafted a unique program aimed at managing and enhancing the conversion and growth of your daily operations for optimal profitability. We shoulder all the heavy lifting typically expected of a payment processing provider, enabling you to concentrate on building and operating your software business.

Over 20 years of helping merchants.

Since 1998, Altiras has been providing high-quality service and innovative payment processing technology to hundreds of thousands of merchants across the country. We offer cutting-edge software and hardware solutions, and in collaboration with our partners, we develop custom payment systems that offer flexibility and ease-of-use. These tailored solutions enhance profitability and increase revenue for our clients, underscoring Altiras' position as a leader in the payment processing industry.

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