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Altiras processes and serves merchants of all types and sizes to help them grow their businesses.
We offer quick approvals, simple setup, and next-day funding so you can get your money faster. Plus, we provide pass-thru rates that insures you won't be charged for any hidden fees; the rates and fees we set you up with is what you'll be charged. Contact us today to receive a free consultation so we can tailor a customized merchant services program built around your specific business.

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EMV Chip Card Reader

With a tap, dip or swipe, accept payments by credit, EMV chip, and debit cards at your retail location.


Online ecommerce software and processing solutions that bolt directly on to your website's shopping cart.


Integrated payment processing that connects to your software provider, making payment processing a breeze.


Our expert development staff can create the customized solutions that will fit your unique processing needs.


The Payments Partner your Software Company or Institution is looking for.

Altiras is not your everyday payment processing partner that will just integrate directly into your software platform; we'll do more. We’ve taken 20+ years of experience in the field industry to develop a unique program that truly manages the conversion and growth of your day-to-day activities to maximum profitability. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting required of a payment processing provider, so you can focus on building and running your software business.

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Connect your software to Altiras and create a seamless payment processing feature, as well as build a growing residual portfolio and revenue.

Over 20 years of helping merchants.

Since 1998, the Altiras team has been delivering our brand of quality service combined with dynamic payment processing technology to hundreds of thousands of merchants across the country, that process billions of dollars in electronic payments annually. Altiras offers the latest in payment processing software and hardware solutions that help our merchants maximize the benefits of their merchant processing service. We also develop customized payment processing systems with our software and bank partners that give them the flexibility, ease-of-use, monthly enrollment and service delivery that increase revenue and profitability.

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